Philadelphia Temperature Controls

Constant Temperature, Baths, Ovens, Incubators, Circulating Systems, Alarm Circuits, etc.

Form an essential part of many temperature control circuits. Philadelphia Mercury to Wire Thermostats are precision built of the finest materials. Extra quality with accuracy of 0.05° F and sensitivity from 0.01° F to 0.03° F. Furnished with or without lead wires.


Sensitive Relay MR-41-S
110 volts. A.C. with other voltages available. Designed for use with all Philadelphia Thermostatic Controls.

This page shows a few of the hundreds of types which we manufacture for Industry. All instruments are made to meet the specification of each individual requirement.

Under Quality Control only the highest grade of materials and skilled labor go into the manufacture of these instruments which assure extreme accuracy and sensitivity, required by Industry today.

Did you know?
The degree centigrade (C) was officially renamed Celsius in 1948 to avoid confusion with the angular measure known as the centigrade (one hundredth of a grade). The Celsius scale is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (17011744), who devised it in 1742 but in reverse (freezing point was 100; boiling point 0).

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