Copper Case Candy Thermometers

Magnifying lens front tube, red reading mercury, mounted on a silvered scales with black lines and numerals. Copper Case Thermometers comes equipped with an attached mounting bracket for attaching to side of kettle. This Thermometer is available in two different lengths. A 12" model, #420; or an 18" model, #423.



Temperature Ranges
80° to 260° F 2° Divisions Fudge Temperature Range
80° to 400° F 2° Divisions Hard Candy Temperature Range

-30 to 120F 1  Divisions  Chocolate Tempering Range {12" Size Only}



#420 12" Copper Case Thermometer
#420-R 12" Refill (Tube & Scale Only)
#423 18" Copper Case Thermometer
#423-R 18" Refill (Tube & Scale Only)
12" Case 12" Copper Case Only
18" Case 18" Copper Case Only

Copper Case Thermometer Instruction Sheet

When ordering, please state Thermometer size and Temperature range.

Teflon ® Coating is available on the Thermometers above. Should breakage occur, the coating eliminates the chance of contamination by containing the Mercury and broken glass.

Teflon ® is a registered trademark of Dupont.

Did you know?
Absolute zero, in physics, the temperature at which molecular movement virtually ceases and the lowest level of energy is reached; measures -273.15 on the Celsius scale, -459.67 on the Fahrenheit scale; temperature scales having absolute zero as their starting point, such as the Kelvin and Rankine scales, are called absolute temperature scales; idea of absolute zero originated with study of gas contraction at decreased temperatures

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